Network, meet new friends, connect and party! Help us to advance and celebrate queer communities through creative expression by volunteering with the Vancouver Queer Film Festival. We are always looking for great people!


Volunteers are the backbone of every part of Out On Screen. You make the Vancouver Queer Film Festival and Out in Schools possible. Thank you so much!

Although Out On Screen does many things throughout the year, our volunteer recognition centres around the Vancouver Queer Film Festival. Along with a cool t-shirt, there's a wrap-up dance party for volunteers and vouchers for free tickets to the Festival.

Volunteers are recognized with one (1) ticket for each five (5) hours of logged volunteer time, up to a maximum of 15 tickets or 75 hours. Completed volunteer log sheets must be submitted in exchange for your volunteer vouchers.


Apply Today!

There are many ways that you can get involved. During the Festival season, we need hundreds of volunteers to make the Vancouver Queer Film Festival the amazing event that it is.

To find out more about volunteering, contact:

Peter Quin-Conroy
Operations Coordinator
Ph.  604.844.1615

Click here to apply to become an Out On Screen Volunteer!


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